Switched to George's

When my parents got into their 80s, they still wanted to live at home, and we supported that decision. They each had health problems, and my father had concerns about his heart. The doctor had given him a blood pressure taking device, to use if we thought he was having a problem, but of course, it sat in the drawer un-used.

Then came a day when he was short of breath, and we thought he should go to the doctor, but he didn't want to go. We then thought that we should take his blood pressure, but then realized that no one was confident in how to take it. We thought that (big name pharmacy) had one of those blood pressure machines in their store, so we called it. The call was a local number, but when it answered, it was a recording. First we had to listen to a couple of marketing messages, then it came to the "Press '1' for this and press "2" for that" stuff. Finally option "6" was talk to a person. When we finally got to a person, they said they did not have one of those machines.

So we called George's. On the first ring a pharmacist picked up, and said they could either describe how to use the device, or we could come in and they would take the blood pressure. We went in, and it turned out my father's blood pressure was fine.

And on that day we decided to switch all of our prescriptions to George's
-J in Brookville